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Carolyn, Daughter of Marie

Advocating Against Domestic Violence Through Poetry


(Mary Peace Estes)

(October 26, 2010)

I will think of you when I open my eyes in the morning

and at night when I sleep,

I know you’ve gone to a better place

but yet...... I still weep.

I will think of you

in the middle of the day,

And how peaceful you looked

right after you’d passed away.

I will think of you when I sit at my kitchen table

and like you once did...gaze outside,

I’ll cherish & remember the times

when you were right there by my side.

I will think of you as I walk

through my bedroom door,

I’m having a hard time accepting

that you’re not here anymore.

I will think of the many times Jared

would come downstairs and say

“Grandma....are you ok?”

You always answered “Yes”

as you smiled & turned away.

You will be missed

to have known you was such a pleasure,

My memories of you

I will always treasure.

I love you Grandma

but now, I must let you fly,

When you reach Heaven

tell my mother “Carolyn said hi”.